Pokemon White 2 Rom

pokemon-white-2-romPokemon White 2, a companion piece to Pokemon Black 2 is a sequel to Pokemon White. As you return to Unova, two years after the events that occurred in a previous game, you assume the role of a Pokemon trainer to capture and battle your way to the top. Unova region has been expanded and changed and Pokemon White 2 introduces the Pokemon World Tournament, where you can battle myriads of champions from Pokemon games. Discover new, legendary Pokemons and try to capture them in this epic Gen V Pokemon game that you can download and play on emulators for Pokemon.


Pokemon Pokemon White 2 Rom Info

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File Name Pokemon Pokemon White 2 Rom
Platform Nintendo DS
Released Jun 23, 2012 (JP) / Oct 7, 2012 (US)
Publisher Nintendo / The Pokemon Company
Developer Game Freak
Genre Roleplaying Game
Players 1 ~ 4 Simultaneous Play
Rating ESRB: E for Everyone


Pokemon Pokemon White 2 Screenshots

pokemon white 2 screenshot 1pokemon white 2 screenshot 2pokemon white 2 screenshot 3

pokemon white 2 screenshot 4pokemon white 2 screenshot 5pokemon white 2 screenshot 6

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Pokemon Pokemon White 2 Walkthroughs, Cheats and Strategies

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