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Pokemon Sapphire Rom

box cover art for pokemon sapphireA Gameboy Advance marvel, Pokemon Sapphire brings all new Pokemons (100 of them to be exact) and makes use of 2 player co-op play where they can battle against each other. This was an exciting development in video gaming as players could now face off with each other for the bragging rights of being the best Pokemon trainer.

Pokemon Sapphire still stands up to the test of time by having crisp graphics (for the time at least), all new audio effects and improved music, and of course, good old Pokemon gameplay that we all love.
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Pokemon Sapphire Rom Info

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File Name Pokemon Sapphire Rom
Platform Game Boy Advance
Released November 21, 2004 (JP) | March 19, 2003 (NA) | November 14, 2003 (EU)
Publisher Nintendo / The Pokemon Company
Developer Game Freak
Genre Roleplaying Game
Players 1 ~ 4 Simultaneous Play
Rating ESRB: E for Everyone


Pokemon Sapphire Screenshots

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Pokemon Sapphire Videos


Pokemon Sapphire Walkthroughs, Cheats and Strategies

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