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Released in 2002, Pokemon Ruby is a part of a third generation of Pokemon games, along with Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald. What’s new in the Ruby version are double battles and new and exciting Pokemon abilities never seen before. Receiving positive reviews from critics worldwide, Pokemon Ruby rom is one of the most sought after Pokemon roms available.



Pokemon Ruby Rom Info

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File Name Pokemon Ruby Rom
Platform Game Boy Advance
Released Nov 21, 2002 (JP), Mar 19, 2003 (US), Nov 14, 2003 (EU)
Publisher Nintendo / The Pokemon Company
Developer Game Freak
Genre Roleplaying Game
Players Up to 4 Players
Rating ESRB: E for Everyone


Pokemon Ruby Screenshots

pokemon ruby screenshot 1pokemon ruby screenshot 2pokemon ruby screenshot 3

pokemon ruby screenshot 4pokemon ruby screenshot 5pokemon ruby screenshot 6

Pokemon Ruby Videos


Pokemon Ruby Walkthroughs, Cheats and Strategies

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