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Pokemon Fire Red is part of a Generation III and companion game to Pokemon Leaf Green. In essence, it is an updated version of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. The storyline, characters and core gameplay remains unchanged but as with all Generation III games, it has important distinction from its ancestors. One of the biggest differences is that Pokemon can now possess natures, abilities, genders, as well as holding items.

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Pokemon Fire Red Rom Info

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File Name Pokemon Fire Red Rom
Platform Game Boy Advance
Released Jan 29, 2004 (JP) / Sep 09, 2004 (US) / Oct , 2004 (EU)
Publisher Nintendo / The Pokemon Company
Developer Game Freak
Genre Roleplaying Game
Players Up To 5 Players
Rating ESRB: E for Everyone


Pokemon Fire Red Screenshots

pokemon fire-red screenshot 1pokemon fire-red screenshot 2pokemon fire-red screenshot 3

pokemon fire-red screenshot 4pokemon fire-red screenshot 5pokemon fire-red screenshot 6

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