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Want to play the Pokemon rom you just downloaded but don’t know how? This is the page you will want to read to learn how to play any Pokemon roms you want. Trying to figure all this out on your own can be confusing and daunting for someone that aren’t computer savvy. Don’t worry, we will keep this all very simple and easy for you to follow and you will be playing your favorite Pokemon roms in no time.

To play Pokemon roms, you will need a program called an emulator. What exactly is an emulator? It is a program that lets you play roms for video game consoles (Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, etc.). A rom, of course, is a digital image of a game. If you have a PC, mac or an Android device, there are emulators for virtually any and all video game consoles.

Step 1 – First, you will need to determine what emulator you need. Here are our recommended emulators that you can use to play any Pokemon roms.

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Gameboy and Gameboy Advance Emulator for PC and Mac

Visual Boy Advance – Hands down the best emulator for playing Pokemon roms that were released on Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. Plays all Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Super Gameboy roms flawlessly.

Gameboy Advance Emulator for Android

VGBA ($4.99) – Optimized for Android devices, this is the best emulator there is if you want to play Pokemon roms that were released on Gameboy Advance platform. There are tons of features: full screen, hardware acceleration, and portrait or landscape mode. Note that this can only play Visual Gameboy games.

DroidEmuLite (Free) – This emulator not only plays Gameboy Advance roms, but other game consoles such as SNES, NES, Gameboy Color and Genesis games. Even though this is a ‘lite’ version, it will still play GBA Pokemon roms. Only downside is that you will not be able to play the game in fullscreen mode, which is only available in the paid version of the program.

Nintendo DS Emulator for PC and Mac

DeSmuME – Best emulator for Nintendo DS rom. Plays all Pokemon roms we’ve tested without blue screen effects, which is an annoying screen glitch that seems to manifest in other lesser powerful DS emulators. This is a powerful emulator that doesn’t tax your system’s resources and has a lot of features and functions that are actually useful. There are screen filters you can apply that will drastically improve the image quality you should check out in the settings.

Nintendo DS Emulator for Android

Dsoid ($1.99) – Although still in developmental stage and rough around the ages, this is arguably the best NDS emulator on the market. During our tests, it played Pokemon Diamond without a hitch, but it did have trouble running Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold.

nds4droid (free) – This emulator suffers from slow performance and often roms can be unplayable. Although the app is being constantly improved, you will want to have a high-end phone or tablet to run Pokemon roms properly. It’s free so we recommend you trying this out before purchasing Dsoid.


Step 2 – After you have determined the proper emulator, download the Pokemon rom you want to play. You will need to extract the rom since it will be in a compressed stage. You can use 7-zip for this, which is free to use.

Step 3 – Play your Pokemon rom! All you need to do now is launch your emulator, load up the rom an dplay.

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