Pokemon Leaf Green Rom

pokemon leafgreen version game box
Featuring 30 hours and more of quests, 150 Pokemons to tame and train, and capability to link up with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon LeafGreen version is in our opinion, one of the most underrated Pokemon games available. While the graphics are disappointingly not a huge leap from Ruby/Sapphire, Pokemon LeafGreen provides endlessly hours of video gaming at the hands of gamers everywhere.
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Pokemon Emerald Rom


Pokemon Emerald is the new and improved version of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. It is following up of Pokemon Fire Red (click here for the rom) and Pokemon Leaf Green. It precedes Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. What separates Pokemon Emerald apart from Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire is the addition of Battle Frontier. In it, player can participate in various kinds of competitions.
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Pokemon Fire Red Rom


Pokemon Fire Red is part of a Generation III and companion game to Pokemon Leaf Green. In essence, it is an updated version of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. The storyline, characters and core gameplay remains unchanged but as with all Generation III games, it has important distinction from its ancestors. One of the biggest differences is that Pokemon can now possess natures, abilities, genders, as well as holding items.
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Pokemon Ruby Rom


Released in 2002, Pokemon Ruby is a part of a third generation of Pokemon games, along with Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald. What’s new in the Ruby version are double battles and new and exciting Pokemon abilities never seen before. Receiving positive reviews from critics worldwide, Pokemon Ruby rom is one of the most sought after Pokemon roms available.
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