Pokemon Crystal Rom

pokemon-crystal-romMade for Game Boy Color, Pokemon Crystal is the remake of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. Pokemon Crystal has the same exact plot and gameplay of the Gold and Silver while introducing new features, such as ability to pick a male or female character and improved animations and graphics. What’s really cool about Pokemon Crystal is ability to link up with another player using a mobile device, which can be emulated with the right emulator.
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Pokemon Red Rom

box art of Pokemon Red versionPokemon Red is where it all started (along with Pokemon Blue), way back in 1996. Exploring, beating Gym Leaders, accessing Elite Four and of course, completing the Pokedex are all core gameplay elements that were popularized by this original game. Although the game is showing its age with its sprite 8-bit graphics, it is still undeniably one of the most fun Pokemon roms to play with, even for nostalgic reasons.

You can download Pokemon Red rom here and play it on your favorite Gameboy emulator.

Pokemon Red Rom Info

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File Name Pokemon Red Rom
Platform Game Boy
Released February 27, 1996 (JP) | September 30, 1998 (US) | June 10, 1999 (EU)
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Game Freak
Genre Roleplaying Game
Players Single Player with Multi-Player Capabilities
Rating ESRB: E for Everyone


Pokemon Red Screenshots

pokemon red screenshot 1pokemon red screenshot 2pokemon red screenshot 3

pokemon red screenshot 4pokemon red screenshot 5

Pokemon Red Videos


Pokemon Red Walkthroughs, Cheats and Strategies

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  • Pokemon Red Guide: Guide for Pokemon Red including the complete walkthrough. Covers everything from items, moves, species strategies, glitches and more.
  • Gameshark Codes for Pokemon Red: 2 pages full of working gameshark codes for Pokemon Red
  • Pokemon Red Attack Lists: Entire list of moves for Pokemon Red, including the effects, type, PP, power and ACC.
  • Pokedex for Pokemon Red: Full Pokedex that are in Pokemon Red, all 151 of them. You can click through each one and get detailed information.