Pokemon Green Rom

box cover of pokemon greenPokemon Green was never released outside of Japan, but that was because it was re-branded into Pokemon Blue. Both games were pretty much identical so when you download Pokemon Green rom and play it, you will notice that you will be playing the game in Japanese language. There are translation patches out there but what’s the point?
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Pokemon Diamond Rom

box art of pokemon diamondOnce “gotta have game” Pokemon Diamond is available in rom format that you can play through the Pokemon emulators. While remaining faithful to the original core gaming experience, Pokemon Diamond was notable for being the first Nintendo DS game for the Pokemon game franchise. One of the most popular DS games of all time, Pokemon Diamond rom is available for a free download.
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Pokemon Leaf Green Rom

pokemon leafgreen version game box
Featuring 30 hours and more of quests, 150 Pokemons to tame and train, and capability to link up with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon LeafGreen version is in our opinion, one of the most underrated Pokemon games available. While the graphics are disappointingly not a huge leap from Ruby/Sapphire, Pokemon LeafGreen provides endlessly hours of video gaming at the hands of gamers everywhere.
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Pokemon Emerald Rom


Pokemon Emerald is the new and improved version of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. It is following up of Pokemon Fire Red (click here for the rom) and Pokemon Leaf Green. It precedes Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. What separates Pokemon Emerald apart from Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire is the addition of Battle Frontier. In it, player can participate in various kinds of competitions.
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Pokemon Black Rom


Pokemon Black version was released for Nintendo DS / DSi and it is now available as a downloadable rom to be played on an emulator. Successor to Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red games, Pokemon Black differs from Pokemon White on few but key elements such as graphics, available special battles, exclusive regions and rotational battle. There are other subtle differences as well, some trainer differences and exclusives to each versions.
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Pokemon Fire Red Rom


Pokemon Fire Red is part of a Generation III and companion game to Pokemon Leaf Green. In essence, it is an updated version of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. The storyline, characters and core gameplay remains unchanged but as with all Generation III games, it has important distinction from its ancestors. One of the biggest differences is that Pokemon can now possess natures, abilities, genders, as well as holding items.
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Pokemon White Rom


Pokemon White is a (altered) mirror version of the game Pokemon Black and they are, combined, one of the highest selling Nintendo DS games of all time. It has been reviewed favorably across the board by the critics. Featuring over 150 new pokemons, triple battles and rotation battles, Pokemon White brings revolutionary new gameplay to the widely successful Pokemon game franchise.
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Pokemon Black 2 Rom


Pokemon Black 2 is the latest Pokemon game in the series and part of a Gneeration V along with Pokemon White 2. Pokemon Black 2 features Black Kyurem while White Kyurem is in Pokemon White 2. There are numerous leaps from the original Pokemon Black and Pokemon White games, including graphical enhancements, new storyline and new features.
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Pokemon Platinum Rom


Pokemon Platinum is an updated version of the game Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl with numerous upgrades and enhancements to make the game more enjoyable and exciting. With Pokemon Platinum, you start off with a child character with a choice of 3 Pokemons: Chimchar, Turtwig, or Piplup. New feature in Pokemon Platinum is Wi-Fi Plaza where 20 players can be in it and participate in mini-games.
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Pokemon Soul Silver Rom


Pokemon Soul Silver is a pair to Pokemon Heart Gold and they are Generation 4 remakes of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. One of the key enhancements is ability of your Pokemon to follow you around and interact with you, creating deeper immersion and bond with your pets. All the pokemons from the game are native to Johto and Kanto areas, boasting a total of 256 Pokemons.
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Pokemon Conquest Rom


Pokemon Conquest is a hybrid of Pokemon and Nobunaga’s Ambition games that was released in 2012 for Nintendo DS. The gameplay is vastly different than typical Pokemon games in that it is centered on turn-based strategy. What makes the game interesting are Warlords that are introduced in each episode. If you want a new spin on a classic Pokemon game, Pokemon Conquest is a fun distraction that will occupy your attention for hours on ends.
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Pokemon Ruby Rom


Released in 2002, Pokemon Ruby is a part of a third generation of Pokemon games, along with Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald. What’s new in the Ruby version are double battles and new and exciting Pokemon abilities never seen before. Receiving positive reviews from critics worldwide, Pokemon Ruby rom is one of the most sought after Pokemon roms available.
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Pokemon Heart Gold Rom


Pokemon Heart Gold is one of the 4th Generation remakes of Pokemon Gold, which is part of Generation 2 Pokemon games. Paired up with Pokemon Soul Silver, Pokemon Heart Gold follows the storyline of Johto and the game boasts new areas to explore, as well as new game features that adds massive additional gameplay time to an old game.
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Pokemon Crystal Rom

pokemon-crystal-romMade for Game Boy Color, Pokemon Crystal is the remake of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. Pokemon Crystal has the same exact plot and gameplay of the Gold and Silver while introducing new features, such as ability to pick a male or female character and improved animations and graphics. What’s really cool about Pokemon Crystal is ability to link up with another player using a mobile device, which can be emulated with the right emulator.
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Pokemon White 2 Rom

pokemon-white-2-romPokemon White 2, a companion piece to Pokemon Black 2 is a sequel to Pokemon White. As you return to Unova, two years after the events that occurred in a previous game, you assume the role of a Pokemon trainer to capture and battle your way to the top. Unova region has been expanded and changed and Pokemon White 2 introduces the Pokemon World Tournament, where you can battle myriads of champions from Pokemon games. Discover new, legendary Pokemons and try to capture them in this epic Gen V Pokemon game that you can download and play on emulators for Pokemon.

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Pokemon Red Rom

box art of Pokemon Red versionPokemon Red is where it all started (along with Pokemon Blue), way back in 1996. Exploring, beating Gym Leaders, accessing Elite Four and of course, completing the Pokedex are all core gameplay elements that were popularized by this original game. Although the game is showing its age with its sprite 8-bit graphics, it is still undeniably one of the most fun Pokemon roms to play with, even for nostalgic reasons.

You can download Pokemon Red rom here and play it on your favorite Gameboy emulator.
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Pokemon Pearl Rom

pokemon-pearl-romPokemon Pearl Version is part of Generation IV Pokemon Games that was released in conjunction with Pokemon Diamond. Returning from Generation II is day-night system which actually now features three different time periods. Also introduced in both Pokemon Pearl and Diamond are new gyms, new Elite Four and of course, 107 new Pokemons.

You can download Pokemon Pearl rom by clicking on the button below.download-pokemon-pearl-rom
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